Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ben Bulben Range, County Sligo, Ireland. Oil on Canvas.

This is Yeats country - the poet is buried not far from here. They are limestone mountains rising to about two and a half thousand feet or so.



  1. Many moons ago I would paint and draw with regularity - but after the arrival of those little tiny things (that cry a lot) - this pleasure fell by the wayside...

    My one and only sale was in oils - at the tender age of twelve.

    But all that is BTB and I would like to state that your above painting is a beautiful work of art. If it is for sale - I would happily purchase it. Is it?

    Kind regards

    Anna :o]

  2. Hello Anna - and thank you for your comment. The painting hangs above the fire in the small holiday home we have in Ireland (we were to retire there, but changes in life circumstances that we did not predict will make that a dream that will never come to pass). The picture holds good memories for me and I'm afraid I don't want to part with it. But there are others that might interest you and you can see these on my web site at . I occasionally paint on commission. I don't ask for much for them and in fact ask those who want to buy them to give the money to a charity I like - that way I avoid tax complications.